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Wedding Reception Flowers By Moonstones Florist, Fareham.

In celebration of your wedding the reception should be fun, festive and shared with all your family, friends and colleagues. Flowers can be arranged creatively to reflect a theme that will make the rest of your day as memorable as the stating of your vows.

Nowadays there is a whole host of table decorations to choose from. Whether it is glass vases, glass cubes, candelabras, candles, galvanised or terracotta pots, there is something to suit all themes and of course budgets. Moonstones can create that personal and relaxed ambience. From something stunningly simple and beautiful to elaborate head table arrangements, creations for arches, pedestal, fireplace, pillars, stairways and much more.

Stunning table and hall decorations can be used as gifts for those special guests, as a memory of a truly special day.

Top Table Peach weddings Flowers

Top Table Peach

Top Table Blue and White weddings Flowers

Top Table Blue and White

Top Table Pink weddings Flowers

Top Table Pink

Top Table Green and Purple weddings Flowers

Top Table Green and Purple

Lilac Reception weddings Flowers

Lilac Reception

White Reception weddings Flowers

White Reception

Blue and White Reception weddings Flowers

Blue and White Reception

Pink Marquee weddings Flowers

Pink Marquee

Top Table Autumn weddings Flowers

Top Table Autumn

Top Table Creams weddings Flowers

Top Table Creams

Top Table Red weddings Flowers

Top Table Red

Top Table Orange weddings Flowers

Top Table Orange

Freesia Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Freesia Fishbowl

Lilac Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Lilac Fishbowl

Orange Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Orange Fishbowl

Gerbera Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Gerbera Fishbowl

Roses Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Roses Fishbowl

Calla Fishbowl weddings Flowers

Calla Fishbowl

Pumpkin Table weddings Flowers

Pumpkin Table

Marquee Ball weddings Flowers

Marquee Ball

Table Vase weddings Flowers

Table Vase

Wine Glass weddings Flowers

Wine Glass

Gerbera Tables weddings Flowers

Gerbera Tables

Summer Jugs weddings Flowers

Summer Jugs

Peach Pedestal weddings Flowers

Peach Pedestal

Blue Pedestal weddings Flowers

Blue Pedestal

Yellow Pedestal weddings Flowers

Yellow Pedestal

Pink Window weddings Flowers

Pink Window


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1b Fareham Park Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 6LA
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