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Say it with Flowers! - Flowers colours and their Meanings.

Everyone loves receiving a stunning floral arrangement of their favourite colour of mix of colours. Each colour has a meaning and so can be chosen to say that little extra special something.

Red Flower


Love, above all else, is the symbolic meaning of flowers ranging from crimson to scarlet and back. The deeper the red, the deeper the meaning. Dark reds show a charitable love while brighter reds reveal devoted passion. Whether this is love born of beauty, fire, or courage, red is the color to have.

Pink Flower


Whereas red is the color of deep and abiding love, pink is red’s youthful counterpart. The meaning of pink flowers is one of innocent happiness. At once caring and also carefree, pink flowers allow you to show love more filial than romantic. Use pink when the meaning of your flowers needs a buoyant touch.

Orange Flower


Warm but not mushy, orange mixes the passion of red with the unbridled happiness of yellow. Pride, energy, and confidence imbue the meaning of flowers ranging from vermilion to ginger. Whether spreading their zest through their own bouquet or else spicing up an assorted bunch, orange flowers are vibrant and vibrancy is fun.

Peach Flower


Peach offers a little more friendship than the cutesy romance of a straight pink flower. Mixed with orange and yellow, peach confirms gratitude and tender feeling. On its own, the meaning of flowers in this fleshier tone is at once gentler and stronger in thankfulness. Friendship is the true meaning of peach flowers.

Yellow Flower


Nothing dispels gloom like yellow—not even pink—and the happiness, new life, and smiles carried by a yellow bouquet banish all things melancholy. Yellow in a flower arrangement enlivens the rest of the colors. Trading out romance for simple, ordinary cheer, yellow has one of the brightest symbolic meanings of flowers.

Green Flower


Green ties in with nature and health. A standalone green bouquet conveys a regenerative quality, incorporating youth and fortune into the symbolic meaning of these flowers. Mixed in with other flowers, the same story carries on. Green is optimistic; green is alive; green is refreshing. Rejuvenate your bouquet with the uncommon beauty of green.

Blue Flower


The symbolic meaning of flowers in gentle blue is easily understood. Cooling anxiety and invoking peace, blue flowers represent calm and tranquility. In a bouquet with other colors, blue flowers help add a gentle ambience to the rest of the flowers. Blue can be added to give a patriotic meaning to flowers, as well.

Purple Flower


Purple has always been the color of royalty. Since you won’t be giving flowers to kings and queens any time soon, you can think of the symbolic meaning of flowers in this hue as deep respect and admiration. Success and noble bearing, even without noble titles, deserve the recognition of meaningful purple flowers.

Lavender Flower


Lavender is not so stuffy as regal purple. Rather, the meaning of lavender flowers is one of womanhood in her prime. The elegance of lavender reflects the grace and feminine beauty of those who receive it. Modest yet mature, lavender connotes a message of what it really means to be a woman.

White Flower


There is an element of purity in white. Whether this is the purity of a bridal bouquet or the pure feeling and completeness shown at a funeral, the symbolic meaning of flowers that come in rich white show reverence and innocence better than any other. White breathes a touch of heaven in its petals.

Pink and White Flowers

Pink and White

Tingeing the purity of white with the youthful cheer of pink, flowers in this combination are perfect for holiday or celebratory occasions such as Mother’s Day. The pink lends a degree of grace and gentleness which complements the innocence of a white flower. Together, they will show affection for whoever receives them.

Red and White Flowers

Red and White

Often symbolizing unity, red and white are also, when in a rose, the flower symbol for England. If you aren’t trying to praise Britannia, however, adding a little white to your red bouquet, whether as separate flower or in striped or variegated types, incorporates innocence into the deep and passionate love of red.


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